The One Shared School website is a platform developed for kids by kids, with adults just helping out. Join the worlds first website where children speak to children and directly share their resources globally!
This website is in the trial phase so all feedback is very welcome!

How can you contact schools?

More than 70 schools in India have posted their schools on our website with the items which the kids thought were important to make their school function better. You can select a school you choose to support and stay in touch with them, learning about their lives, swapping information or just chatting.

  • Create an account with us and choose a school to partner with.
  • You can then go ahead and make your plans in class on how to raise the money that your partner school needs for books, classroom equipment, a second hand computer or a water filter for example.
  • Go to the payment button to donate the money. One Shared School will make sure your donation goes to the school of your choice
What will you as sharers do when you go to the website?

• Fill in information about your school, club or group
• Write why you want to take part in the project and the tell us the target amount you want to raise
• Find a school you want to support and start fundraising!

What will you as the shared schools do when you go to the website?

• Describe your school
• List your needs and individual children’s needs
• State how you can make the school children self sufficient