Behind the Scenes


Laxmi Janzen

A secondary school student at Paulus MAVO, the creative one in the foundation

Guru Janzen

A secondary school student at Kennemeer Lyceum, the foundations chief researcher and connector

Board Members

Bertjan Janzen

Chair of the board, partner PWC and key strategist

Jeroo Billimoria-Janzen

Secretary to the board of One Family Foundation

One Shared schools is part of the One Family Foundation. Board member, Jeroo Billimoria, is the serial social entrepreneur behind 3 global NGOs and many more national organisations that provide child oriented services.

Team & Volunteers

Paula Conaghan

Paula is working with One Family Foundation on various projects including One Shared School.

Hoang Bao Anh Lam (Lucy)

Lucy is an intern working with One Family Foundation and is helping out with the One Shared School website

Technical Team

Suraj Kumar Gantayat

Mr. Suraj is the founder of EDPROSYS with a diverse experience of 5 years in various startups and Institutions of Study within a short span of time. He done his Ph.D from IITB

Legal & Financial

The foundation is supported by the Janzen family.In the initial phase all operational and program costs (minus bank / transfer charges) will go directly to the school or institution.
Over a period of time as operations grow, a nominal fee will be charged per transaction to support operations.
One Family Foundation is registered in the Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number: 66742838